Spiritual Healing

What is it? Some people (called healing mediums or healers) are able to channel the flow of life’s energy from the Universe, in the same way that platform mediums channel information. It is not their personal energy, but the life force that creates and gives life in our world. Healing is generally calming and relaxing, easing the symptoms of stress and helping regulate sleep. It is beneficial to mind, body and spirit and can also help many dis-eases of the body. Regular sessions may be necessary and some people ask for it every week, which we are more than happy to do.

The healing is channeled through the healer, into the energy that surrounds the body (or aura) that we all have. The healer often places their hands on the shoulders, or the part that is causing problems, but can be carried out completely hands-off if required. Healing is undertaken with the recipient fully clothed. We ask you to fill in a consent form beforehand, with your basic details, which are then used to record your healing sessions. These records are always kept securely and are never held on a computer, sold or passed on to anyone.

Reiki is very similar in concept and practice to Spiritual Healing. Three of our healers are Reiki Masters and a further two have some Reiki training.

Spiritual healing is offered, free of charge, both before and after the service. We offer healing before the service, at 7pm, so if you have to leave as soon as the service is finished, come early instead and receive healing energies from our team of gifted healers.