What is Mediumship ?

Mediumship is the channelling of information from people that have passed to the Spirit World, ie that are no longer alive.  Mediums have a strong connection to a Higher Power, whether they term it as God, the Spirit World, or Divine Energy etc. Whatever you call it, mediums know that there is a force much more powerful than just this human existence. When we are born into this world, or earth plane as it is sometimes called, our soul comes from Spirit to take up residence in a fleshly body. When it is time, we leave this corporal body behind and our soul goes back to Spirit. We thankfully leave behind all our illnesses and disabilities but retain the information and memories of our earthly existence.The receipt of this information is called by different names.A medium may be

Clairvoyant – The ability to see (eg a tall, thin man with blue eyes)

Clairaudient – The ability to hear (eg Says he was Dad and his name was John.)

Clairgustant – The ability to taste (eg loved roast beef dinners)

Clairsentiant – The ability to feel (eg a kindly man but could be stubborn and he had a heart attack)

Clairalient – The ability to smell (eg smoked pipe tobacco)

Claircognizant – The ability to just know (eg was Scottish)

but many use all of these senses.

Spiritualist churches use this ability to demonstrate proof that life goes on after death, commonly known as survival evidence. A medium that takes church services is known as a platform medium. Mediums do not “raise the dead” but merely act as a conduit. There is never any guarantee that a particular person can be contacted, whether at a church or in a private reading.